Many luxury Rowbree products can be individually personalised to make them unique for you. Our options include:

Coloured Carbon Fibre*

Coloured Carbon Fibre

Rowbree are one of the few companies to offer up to six colours as well as the standard black. With the exception of Collar Bones, all of Rowbree’s products are available in different colours. Options are shown on the item pages.



Personalised Carbon Fibre Placemats

Rowbree can personalise your item by having a name, message, company logo or image engraved onto it. Items that have this option include luggage, key rings, coasters, place mats, wine racks, shot paddle and Frisbees. If you would like engraving please tick the option on the product page.

Luxury Luggage Options

Rowbree’s range of luxury luggage products can also be tailored to your requirements. Options include:

  • Colour Matched Exteriors
  • Coloured Linings

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss luggage options or any special personalisation requests please contact our team on +44 (0)2038 370533 or email

* Coloured fabric is supplied by Dreamtex.

Carbon fibre has always been associated with being lightweight, strong, and luxurious. Throughout the years, people have used carbon fibre in various luxury applications but still dream of the possibility of making it coloured. Today, this dream is becoming a reality. Dreamtex is the solution which gives carbon fibre a colourful appearance, while fully maintaining its mechanical properties.